Index Of / Girlfriend Jpg Girls, I'm A Guy In Need Of A New Hairstyle. Medium, Straight...Make It Cute?

Girls, I'm a Guy in Need of a New Hairstyle. Medium, Straight...Make it Cute? - index of / girlfriend jpg

Yes ... I am a boy, my hair of medium length right. The girls know a lot of hair types, it's fun. I care about my hair, shampoo and generally only / state, air dry, brush and ready. No gel, moose, hair gel, wax, etc., etc.
I'll dance with my girlfriend and I do my best, and I covered everything, but my hair and I do not know what to do and how.
Here are some pictures of me and what my hair. I have this, 7.30 Clock ... before a shower, but the idea of the length / texture.
3] ... [Photo by MySpace, all of my photos, modified so that they be able to have much to say to myHair]

I really do not know how you want, but you need a new hairstyle. Period. Oh yeah, prom tomorrow, hehe. So nobody has any idea? With pictures?


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